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Be the man women want!
broker affiliate Real Man Conference organises meetings for men who want more success with women. RMC stands for picking up women with respect, honesty and integrity. If you wish to pick up the woman you want, you will have to ensure that you are the man she wants. The international top dating coaches at the RMC will show what it takes. Read more about RMC.

On the agenda:

Here is the agenda for the coming events in 2014

6 and 7 december 2014 Sexual Mastery with Alex May   mail for reservelist

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There were 450 enthusiastic visitors at the RMC 2008; watch the impression and the
RMC 2008 DVD set!

Visitors said:

‘What a mindblowing and inspiring day this was! About 400 men and a few women had come to the RAI to see and hear the speakers of the RMC. Nost just were the speakers inspiring, it also gave a great feeling to be at 1 place with unanimous souls, to talk with them and to learn from them.'

'Just heard 1 thing all over again... AWESOME!... and all those people from different countries... so cool!'

'I have lied awake for 2 nights... busy dissemenating all the information I received. In a word: COOL! I HOPE that they will do on1 again... I really enjoyed it and learned from it!'

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Watch the videos with the first 5 minutes of all presentations of the RMC 2008!

The RMC 2010 was on April 10 & 11 in Aachen Gemrany. Some feedback from visitors:

'I really enjoyed how easy it was to meet and talk with all the speakers. It was networking heaven.  That there was a variety of speakers with different viewpoints and teachings was also very refreshing. I also enjoyed how smooth it all went down without going too much off schedule. It really made it very professional in my eyes.'

'It was soooo Inspiring!

'I enjoyed to see these guys on stage!  Everyone was so interesting in his own way. I know that i can be also like them. And I know, that all of them had not the best times with women. But when i saw them it was very motivating to take action and to keep at it.'

Watch the RMC 2010 DVD set