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REVEALED: Secrets For A Sizzling Hot Sexlife - Sexcoach Alex May, Will Give A Unique 2 Day Workshop First day 100% free For Women!"

On Saturday 27. and Sunday 28. February 2016 (for men) sexcoach Alex May will give his unique and world famous 2-day sexseminar again in Rotterdam Netherlands

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The reviews of the last seminar were the best ever for a speaker in the history of the Real Man Conference! 
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Here are some of the secrets you will learn at the seminar:

         Day 1 – Fundamentals

         To understand HOW to be Masterful Lover - you have to understand WHY things became 
         so screwed up when  it comes to sexuality and pleasure.

         On Day 1 we will go into sex and sexuality in the modern world. The matrix of modern society, 
         particularly   when it comes to sex.

         The suppression of natural urges and desires of both men and women. War of sexes and 
         sex being the most powerful weapon in this war.

         We jump back in time and learn how sex and sexuality looked like many thousands of years ago. 
         We will follow the evolution of sexuality and the position of women.



The one Big Secret of what it takes to become REALLY GOOD in bed.



Why there are so few GREAT lovers around. How to convey that YOU are one of them.



HOW modern society divides man and women, what are the REAL reasons for it, and what kind of SEXUAL POWER you will get once you learn to see through those games.



What can YOU do in order to FREE your sexuality. How you can free any woman you meet. What kind of amazing (sexual) benefits will follow.



Learn why social programming got unlimited access to your sexual behavior, how it pulls the strings, and what can YOU do to step out of this vicious circle quickly and easily.



Why SEX DRIVE of most couples dissipates within a couple of years and how YOU can keep your sexual relationship fresh and exciting.



How to set up things in such way that women will start introducing you to their’ girlfriends as a potential sexual partner



What most people do completely wrong when it comes to Sex (Make sure you avoid this single thing like the plague!)



A proven formula for eliminating CHEATING. Learn what are REAL reasons of infidelity. (Hint: it’s not what media makes us believe.) This issue will never pollute your life. And you will be able to HELP OTHERS. Isn’t it great?



You will jump back in time and learn how human sexuality looked like many thousands of years ago. You will follow the evolution of sexuality and the position of women through the ages. This knowledge  is invaluable when it comes to YOU – living life of sexual abundance. (Having multiple girlfriends, threesomes, and other exciting stuff…)



One most important principle to use in bed and why women think that YOU should know everything when it comes to sex (even if you don’t have a clue)…



Vagina trap vs. Healthy Sexuality. You will learn how to free women from negative society programming. How to help them integrate and enjoy both concepts… And how YOU are going to use and enjoy all the benefits hereof. I am talking ABUNDANCE of great sex with amazing women here.



How to become that most wanted ”friend with benefits.” Sex with you will mean for women no more than a friendly kiss on the chick. After a wonderful sex session they will discuss their current marriage candidates with you. This will become YOUR REALITY. If you wish so.



The one Big Secret to fast and successful TRANSFORMATION into a Great Lover. (During the last 5 years I’ve been teaching this stuff I’ve seen a lot of people FAIL because they didn’t do just this one simple thing.)



How sex becomes a weapon in a couple’s life and how to avoid this situation. You will learn how to stay in control and ONLY ENJOY THE POSITIVE SIDE OF IT.


         I will continue this list in a minute. An insight into the practical, ADVANCED,  hands-on Day 2 of 
         the Sexual Mastery program is on the way...but first thid video of sexcoach Alex May in action 

         But first, let me tell you this:

         You see,  Sexual Mastery contains understanding of fundamental principles and techniques
         that are UNIVERSAL for the vast majority of women in all situations. 

         This program will bring you to the level where you feel sexually confident with ANY woman, 

         You will radiate that special vibe I mentioned before, telling women SOOO MUCH about you 
         even before you open your mouth. 

         I have been intimate with hundreds of amazing women during the last 20 years and 
         this confidence was there ever since. 

         This program is going to teach YOU vital fundamentals and bring you to the level of Mastery
          in a very short time.


The Most Important Result Of You Coming To This Seminar - You Will Be Able To Satisfy Women To The Degree They Have Never Been Satisfied Before You…

         Imagine how grateful those women are going to be...

         Hehe... It’s a nice thought isn’t it?


         And it can become your reality if you are willing

But Be Aware, There Is A Catch...



         Your own thoughts, beliefs, and ideas about sex and your own sexuality will be challenged 
         during this program.

         You will find out what you REALLY think...

         Also, once you follow this program and internalize its main principles – there will be 
         NO WAY BACK to the old days of average sexual life, superficial experiences, 
         and mediocre satisfaction

         Alex May is also very well known as the LOVE GURU it all sorts of magazines, TV shows etc.
         Check this clip Behind the screens of the Dutch TV Programm Spuiten&Slikken (Suck and Swallow) 

         Ok, lets go back to the list and give you some more taste of what you are going 
         to learn at the seminar. This stuff below is GOLD. 
         I was thinking for a LOOOOONG time before giving it all away... Here we go:

Order here now for sexcoach Alex May! 

        Day 2 - Advanced stuff



The evolutions of SEXUAL MASTERY… I’ll show you how to SKIP the beginner or intermediate stage and go straight to MASTERY. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be actually hearing words “OMFG!”, “Never happened before”, and “You are a wonder” on a REGULAR basis. (Before other guys can even finish watching internet porn.)



10 fundamental rules on sex that will make your intimate life absolutely amazing. You will enjoy results right from the moment you decide to apply them.



2 secrets about REALLY attractive women that if you don’t know, you cannothave good sex with them!



How to signal that you are “High Quality Sex” and “know what you are doing” to a woman without actually saying it.



25 secrets of amazing foreplay and what to avoid by all costs.



Thorough knowledge of female arousal process. This will aloow YOU to bring almost ANY woman to an incredible climax. Accompanied by DEATAILED instructions of what to do exactly at EVERY STEP of lovemaking.



10 pillars of great sex that will guide YOU in any situation with ANY woman (or multiple women). This is PURE GOLD. Period.



10 steps to lovemaking process that will get you the reputation of an amazing lover. This is Holy Grail of becoming a Master and a KEEPER (see above).



4 secrets of all Great Lovers that will immediately put you light years ahead of the rest.



Most unusual truth about the most delicate question many men ask, "Does size REALLY MATTER?"



You will learn everything all Great Lovers know about female orgasm.



You will also find out HOW MANY orgasms women are capable of and how to give them. (Hint: there are more than 5 different kind of female orgasm… well… actually more than 8… well… in fact MORE THAN 10. I am serious.)



How to undress women. This is an ART in and by itself!



How do you treat her erogenous zones during the foreplay. These are the least expected secrets.



A big mistake guys make when learning this stuff that ruins their chances of seeing her again. (She will NOT disappear this time!)



You will learn all about her G-spot and why so many people can’t find it. You will get exact instructions on how to handle this mysterious spot. After this program you will never have an issue of “looking for it”…



You will learn about best sex positions, intimate accessories, and sextoys…



The biggest secret of all Great Lovers – what to do when sex is over. (And let me tell you - this one is CRUCIAL!)



And much, much, much, much, much, much, muuuuuch more…

Given the great success of the earlier seminars this seminar is also likely to sell out. There are only 30! spots available. The total cost for this seminar is only € 497.- euros. You first pay a downpayment of € 247.- euros, to reserve your spot and  the rest you pay cash at the door. No tickets will be issued. At the entrance we check your name on a list. If your name is on the list, you may enter into learning something very useful for your future sexlife! Learn from Alex May - the best sexcoach in the world in person. 

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Date     :  Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 february 2016 (9:45 -17:15)
Adress : Antony Duyklaan 5-7 
3051 HA
City       : Rotterdam

It gets better:  When you commit your small, non-refundable deposit of just € 247.-  today, know that your ENTIRE 497 euro cost (once paid in full) is backed by a …

100% Zero-Hassle
Money Back Guarantee

If for ANY reason (or no reason at all) you feel this was not the absolute BEST money you’ve ever invested in your sex life, your future, and the satisfaction that awaits … simply let me know and I will refund every single penny.

This seminar will change you.  Your ability to please women will radiate a new and unstoppable sex vibe that makes everything you learned in seduction school look like child’s play.

THAT much I can promise.

But – I cannot do a single thing for you unless you are willing to man-up, grab yourself by the balls, and take the first small (and necessary) action step towards living the sex life you always dreamed of.

The ONLY thing that counts is how much you want to watch every girl you touch melt into a dripping puddle of sexual perfection…

…how bad you want women to swoon over you in breathless lust at your will…

…and if you are able to HANDLE delivering the “next level” of sexual connection every woman fantasizes about, but few rarely experience in an entire lifetime.

If you’ve got the guts to step your sex up to THIS level, then just show up – and I’ll take care of the rest.

Taking your first step to register will empower you, knowing that you’ll have plenty of time to put together your tuition, and can silently grin knowing that your sex life will never be the same again.

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