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Daneel Foyer
Daneel Foyer Street Hypnosis Weekend! 

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 December, the Real Man Conference is very excited to be teaming up with British hypnotist Daneel Foyer to offer you guys a weekend workshop in street hypnosis.

Stick peoples hands to the tables! Let them forget their name, help them with their fears and more....! 
This is the ultimate social proof and an amazingly cool thing to be able to do. By the end of the weekend you will be able to hypnotically stick people’s hands to tables, make them drop into a trance when you click your fingers and even forget their own name!
This is real and you will be able to do it!
This is a very practical course. You will be hypnotizing each other before lunch on day one, and then constantly for the rest of the weekend.
Daneel Foyer has been doing street hypnosis for 10 years and will teach a simple, but very effective, process which he uses himself as you can see in these clips:

No actors or friends were used in these clips, just people Daneel grabbed on the street. By the end of the weekend you will be able to do EVERYTHING in these videos.
We will cover everything from how to prepare your subject to guarantee the best results and how to spot the best people to use. 50% of people will do the advanced phenomena like forgetting names or hallucinating within 5-10 minutes of meeting you!
This is an easy to use and very reliable method and the step by step progression means that you'll always know what to do next and you'll be confident in your technique. You'll also learn a quick and easy way to get people to volunteer, right there on the street.
There is no better social proof than being surrounded by an audience.
This lets you move to the next level of day or night game. Instead of approaching in the plaza outside the train station, you find a subject, boy or girl, and start hypnotizing them. When you start hypnotizing people, a crowd gathers and the girls come to you!
The full price for the course is 350 euros. Anyone signing up during the next week can get the full course for only 250 euros. To save 100 euros and get your earlybird price, you can pay the 100 euro deposit here:  
The number 1 priority for this course is to make 100% sure that everybody is comfortable with all of the techniques. This is not a theory course, we want to make sure that everybody can do it for real. For this reason, this course has a strict limit of 10 spaces!
If you don't have Paypal you can order through the Real Man Conference webshop (payment provider which link you can find HERE. 
Send us a mail if Paypal of refuses your payment . Maybe the 10 spaces have been filled already. We will then keep you updated about other course offers in future.
Pim & Daneel.