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Visitor feedback
Visitors of the Real Man Conference gave this feedback and reviews. These have all been copied or translated literally. Only spelling errors have been corrected, highly personal as well as irrelevant parts have been omitted and long stories have been abbreviated indicated by (...).

Review of a Dutch visitor of the RMC 2008

Last weekend the Real Man Conference took place. Unfortunately, I could only attend on Sunday. I am therefore basing my review on my experiences of that day. On Sunday these were the speakers I saw:
  • Sebastian Drake
  • Grant Wellington
  • Tijn van Ewijk
  • AFC Adam Lyons
  • Sasha
  • Sean Messenger

The atmosphere
At this forum people have often said that viewing a DVD would be about the same as attending such a conference. I shared this opinion, but also had the feeling that "I should give it a shot". And holy fuck: was this day ever mind-blowing and inspiring!
About 400 men and a handful of women had come to the RAI conference center to see and hear the speakers at the RMC. Not only were the speakers inspiring, it also felt great to be at 1 location with likeminded people and to talk to them and learn from them. Of course, there were many alpha-wannabe's, incredible AFC's (Average Frustrated Chumps, and less) and other dweebs that made me think "Dude, take it easy or something". But on the whole there were just normal people, with or without girl problems, who were dedicated to changing their loves, or at least tried to.

The speakers: Sebastian Drake
The day started off really well! Sebastian Drake came across as an inspiring guy, with a good story. The story he told made me think of “the new Juggler”. It was pretty basic and I think there was some LJBF-risk, but this dude was pretty congruent with what he said. Some woman asked him a pretty tough question that made me think like “Wow!”. But he didn’t have any problems with it and was able to explain his story very well.
The speakers: Grant Wellington
Inspiring speaker. If I could give him a word of advice I’d say he could makei t sparkle a little more. I would have expected him to do so at the end of his speech, but was disappointed that he didn’t. All in all it was a strong story, which was more like a long rap. I especially found his “Fuck AA, it is AE (Approach Energy)” appealing. Also, he made a good point with his vision on “we men sometimes reject a whole venue on the basis of appearances, but in turn we are afraid to get rejected 6 times in a row”.
Follow your own path; A real alpha male got nothing to prove: Be the shaolin monk. Nice, strong, but rhetorically not the best.

The speakers: Tijn van Ewijk
The part was pretty bizarre. Tijn van Ewijk could not make me feel ok, although I understood his story’s intention. Don’t make excuses because you are a man, be proud of it. When Justus grabbed the mike I was surprised, why? When I heard his arguments and anecdotes, I understood his side of the story. Still, I found it confusing. I got his point, but I couldn’t agree with his story. The fact that he was not nearly congruent enough plus the fact that I keep hearing rumors about the quality of Masterflirt is something different altogether.
When I thought about it later I had a suspicion why Tijn was and is so wrong: he just didn’t get it. If you listened to ALL speakers, you noticed they had all seen the blueprint decoded and felt in touch with it. However, Tijn apparently was the only one that had missed the point that this is “no ego based learning”. It was aimed too much towards women and it didn’t have a lot to do with masculinity. All in all, I did pick up a couple of things from his speech, but not from its contents or the person.

The speakers: AFC Adam Lyons
Nice story… the only thing he did however was give is some FR/LR. Of cousce, this was inspiring, but in terms of content it didn’t touch on anything. The “preselection-switch” that he talked about ithe biggest part of his speech, is not something that just happeend. It costs an enormous amount of time and energy and thus this speaker was not very good as far as content was concerned. He did manage to grasp the public with his funny style. In short: inspiring? YES! But in terms of content I can’t imagine anyone has benefitted.

The speakers: Sasha
Sasha, a pua that seemed to originate directly from the Comedytrain, was really the coolest and most inspiring. This man was for real. Busy, funny and not taking anyone serious if he didn’t feel like it. Ok, the only thing he did was tell some openers and a short story. But it all starts with that first vibe. “Accuse them of being hot and how it fucks with you” and the fact he illustrated each opener with a situation, that really appealed to me. If I practice a little more I can see myself doing the same thing in a while. I also liked his credo to just change your life. Just talk to the most gorgeous chick you see about anything, do so every day and see how easy it can be. You don’t have to have a conversation with her, just open her up and take it from there.

The speakers: Sean Messenger
In the end he was a bit of a disappointment. Sure, it was impressive that his mother came by to talk about breast cancer. Sure, the way he talked about sex and the way he saw that was impressive.
Sure, it was impressive to hear him say ‘FUCK IT! GO ALL IN! You like a girl? Go all in! For fucks sake, who cares? I don’t care!’
But still… I don’t know. I listened to him and Zorayda for 45 minutes and I have to admit that my attention was with Johnny Soporno getting a blowjob from his girlfriend too much to really enjoy his presentation or learn from it.
He started off with some story about all kinds of stuff. Then his mother came by and after that he and Zorayda started to stimulate each other erotically without touching each other. It was kind of fun to see for a while, but it took too long and you dodn’t really see a lot. This would definitely be fun to learn, but it’s not something for a conference like this and most certainly not a closing event. If she had orgasmed spasmodically on that chair, something everyone was more or less waiting for, it would have been mind-blowing, but it certainly was no ‘legendary closing event’

Really… all ratio aside, you HAVE TO attend a conference a conference like this once in your life. If a new conference takes place next year, I will definitely be there and for the full 2 days! I will also buy the DVD to thank the organisors, although I must say that a DVD will not bring the message across like the real conference does. Every self respecting (wannabe) PUA, natural or AFC should have done this!
A Big thank you to Pim, David and all the others!

Only heard 1 thing… WAY TO GO! My respect goes to Pim for everything he does. Have to say that I have learned just as much from the speakers as from the visitors… all those people from all those countries… really cool!

I was awake for 2 nights… shifting through all the information I had received. In one word AWSOME! I HOPE they will organize another one… I really enjoyed it and have learned a lot!

The First RMC day was fantastic.To anyone  who wasn’t there: you really missed out on a lot!
Personally I thought ZAN was really good, Orlando Owen was great with his complementary oppositions to solve anxieties, and of course Johnny Soporno’s way of looking at the World. David with his affirmations was wicked. Really cool to see and hear 500 men yell affirmations. And finally London Soul’s way of dealing with emotions was very enlightening, as was hisday-game.


Dear David,
A big Thank You for your faith and perseverance, resultingin this fantastic RMC. I hereby send you a token of my BIG GRATITUDE and RESPECT for this great performance. Also to you, Pim and the whole team that helped turn this even into the big success it was.
Many thanks for the RMC and the results it will have, D.D.”

“The TMC was like, SUPER, in a word!!! Thanks SmoothDoc for making this possible ;-)

What about a next RMC?
I’ll start saving money every month! I will definitely buy the DVD. RMC 10 HELL YEAH, 08 was AWASOME.

Dear everyone!
Last weekend many of us were able to enjoy the good advice of the world’s best at the Real Man Conference. I was there as well. Today I put the advice to the test by using the day game on the street here in the city of Groningen, together with my wing, who sadly had not been able to attend the RMC conference. After bringing him up to speed, the party was on.
One of the things we had learned was to “have high standards”, so that’s what we did. However, it turned out to be hard to meet some really pretty women! But we persevered and walked into some streets. We then decided it might be better to stop moving around, so we stayed at one place. And after a short while the first beauty walked by, At first I didn’t even notice her, but my wing sent me on my way, telling me she was super hot. So, after her I went. I talked to her and applied theeverything we had learned: it all went great!!
For me this was the first time I had actually talked to a girl on the street and I really, really liked it.
Unfortunately, we did not exchange any phonenumbers but, as Zan said, start a set with a specific target in mind; a good conversation is great too and I totally agree! ”

“Well, SmoothDoc, I was one of those skeptics, but I am convinced now! Really because of the enormous number of guests here that have read all kinds of stuff, but are still enthousiastic (sure, I am a social addict J). Let the RMC 09 roll!

Last year in December I first met you at Justus’ place. I was very opposed to pua and thought you were a strange kind of guy. Looking back I was still trying to find out what I was wanted or what I was looking for. This made it impossible for me to keep an open mind, to you and the world. Now this has changed. I now know what it is I want. I am very grateful to you for organizing this event, exactly like you said: FOR US! It was more than worth the 175 Euros!!! Your influence on the Dutch community is enormous, really, don’t you forget it! I will most certainly never forget about you!
I just had to get this of my chest! Have a lot of fun, enjoy the outcome of your dream. If you need any help or advice, please let me know. Be sure to know you have my support.
Oh, just one more question: will you release a dvd and where can I find the cartoons?? Those cartoons were just too funny…
Special greetings, L

Hey guys,

I just got back from speaking with LondonSoul at the Real Man Conference in, what a fantastic time! The speakers were awesome, but the real treat was meeting so many passionate conference attendees and touching base with the speakers again. I personally met men from Holland, Moscow, London, Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, France and loads of other places whose dedication to being great people was so inspiring to me... wow :)

In particular the talks given by Zan, Johnny Soporno, LondonSoul, Sebastian Drake (hero), AFCAdam and Sasha were personally very impactful. The whole conference was filmed to a very high quality, so let's hope the DVD's become available soon - guys, it's well worth checking these out if you get a chance, I know I will be!


Interview with Manuel Gutierrez Rojas, 15 January, 2010

How did you experience the RMC?
Some things of the conference were as expected, though there were some surprising subjects/aspects (which I will mention later). The hall was great, with good acoustics and lighting. Also the body workout during the breaks was a well thought of aspect.

What did you like? What didn’t you like?
Although I had expectations -as I mentioned earlier- I tried to go for the conference with a complete open mind. It started nicely with Zan Perrion, who gave quite a very informative speech. The second group (the German group) however -if I may speak openly- were really doing the very shallow and dull approach. It was actually quite embarrassing. I do think their techniques and approaches work for them, but it’s definitely not what I would do. Fortunately that group seems to be the only low part of the conference.
I especially liked the more general confidence building speakers such as David Kipping with his affirmations, and a little Tijn van Ewijk, who clearly read some Robert Bly (Iron John, A Book About Men), along with his statistical approach. Orlando Owen was an interesting speaker, showing what is a necessity to not become soulless as a pick-up artist.

What did you learn? What did you do with it? How has it changed your behavior with women?
My goal back then was to improve being myself, and becoming the person I want to become. My main aim was not to get better with women. I expected a lot of help with communication and social skills. Fortunately the help was present. Sebastian was the speaker about the subject. You could use his tips for everything, not just to get better with women. Actually, it seems I also learned what not to do. I have learned what doesn’t work for me, along with what does.

Did you start to change the way you act since the RMC? In other words: did it have an impact on your life now? What do you do differently?
I would not say the RMC only is what gave me a boost of confidence and life improvement. Back in 2008 -and still running- I tried to be open for any media -like books, workshops, and the like- which to my senses could improve me. This RMC actually sounded like something which would be nothing for me, which was the reason to do attend it, as I might have ignored the things which are important.
I think I ignore a lot of the techniques, and just go for my gut feelings. Grant Wellington may have been the speaker I relate to the most. Being pure and honest, dissing all the plans and techniques. That is my technique.

Did you become happier since the RMC? More confident?
Yes, a lot. Then again, I wouldn’t say it’s mainly because of the RMC.

Do you accept yourself more?
I accept life the way it is more, if that is what you mean.

Do you receive and radiate more love?
Yes, I do. More warmth, and more love. The radiance towards me was always there, though. I just didn’t see it.

Did you earn more money or did you get a better job?
Yes, I did.

Do you have any other remarks about the RMC? Or maybe ideas for improvement?
I would like to have more workshops inside the conference. Orlando Owen is a good example of what I mean, but then I mean for more than just like three people. I know the crowd is huge, but so was the building. I think it would be nice to have more active activities.

Would you recommend the RMC to your friends?
I did mention it to one, as he seems like a guy with this attitude, which I felt was brave, but thoughtless. As if he is doing it, but not thinking it through. I'm not sure if I will mention it to other friends any time soon, though.

Will you come to the next RMC on April 10&11 once it’s final?
I might come, but I think it's highly unlikely I will. As The Joker mentioned in another RMC, you can keep on feeding yourself with information about how to do it, you only benefit from what you learn if you just do it. It's well over a year now, and I've definitely grown a lot if you look at the development of a whole year. However, it seemed that the progress was still slow. Just recently I seemed to really have opened my eyes, to have been awakened, and now I've got the guts to act. I seem to understand more, but I still need to experience from the doing. So, in short, I'll probably go on with my strengthening by myself.
Finally: do you allow us to put your name under your review should we decide to publish it on the site? (If not, it’s perfectly okay, we’ll only use your initials so nobody will recognize you!)
I’ll allow it as long as this interview won’t be altered.

Review by Dragon of the Aachen Lair (lair: club of men wose aim it is to get better at mannen die beter willen worden met vrouwen versieren) van een try out op 26/09/2009 in Djoj Rotterdam.

First i want to thank you for your planning, invitation and organisation, which was all very well working.
So the travelling was for me and the most people like an easy everyday travel. The DJOJ and the dinner there was really fine.
Entropy talked abuot the hours of learning to get a good Pua. He really found out a lot of things, which show how seduction works.
I think its like he said, that the people and the culutural expectations of Sets in different cultures work different. I often hear people here from germany who try out things from the Us, and the effect isnt the same. The Sets here then somtimes cant handle the new context. They think: "What is that?" They say that they only want to feel a natural god given love. The effect here is somtimes so funny and for some of the Sets longtime distracting. Its like people development.
The Joker spoke about his special experiences he made in the last jears. What a special lifestyle! So he found out a way that works well. The effect of that really reaches into other topics of the life. Its sometimes really a little bit like a tightrope walk to get managed all of the theorie well. His speech was well presented, so the audience was really alive.
When i first saw Dharam i thought: "How good must theese guy be, to be so good in seduction?" So he really fascinated the people with his unbelieveable impressive intensive speech. Sometimes i really thougt: "Is that real, or iam dreaming, what cool things he is describing there?" I think some of his Sets think in a similar way. Perhaps they are asking themselves, what this guy is doing with them. So i can imagine that the reaction of the Sets is much more positive than only a smiling. Perhaps i have grasped his way of thinking, when he lifted me up at the end of his interesting speech.
Special thanks to Lairleader and his awesome lair!
I was very impressed by that guys and so the effectiveness in there.
I think the best for you guys is to go on in your way and so to life on a great life.
Again i saw, the netherlands is a really fine country, with beautiful landscapes and very nice people.