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About rmc
Real Man Conference organises events for men that would like more success with women. The top pick-up artists and dating coaches show you the path to success

The film "Hitch" (2005) widely introduced the phenomenon of the dating coach: someone who teaches men to get the woman of their dreams. Read more about the background of this new service.

RMC exists since 2008. Apart from the big international conference in 2008, countless other tryouts and smaller events have been organised. See events for an overview of all past and future events.

If you want to get better at something, you can best learn it from the people that already have a proven trackrecord. RMC selects the best dating coaches and pick-up artists in the world to speak during the events. See the speakers of the RMC 2008 and the RMC 2010. Many have undergone a complete transformation themselves: from completely without any chance at all with women to utterly irresistable. That is why they can explain to any man what is needed to get to a higher level.

RMC stands for picking up women with respect, honesty and integrity. If you wish to pick up the woman of your dreams you will have to make sure that you are the man of her dreams: be the man women want! The RMC shows every man how he can reach this goal. Learn more at mission & vision.

Hundreds of enthousiasts visited the RMC 2008. View some people's reactions!

RTL Nieuws (RTL News) carried an item of almost 2 minutes about the RMC on September 2nd, 2008. View the video and an anthology of other tv items, radio interviews and articles in the media!