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DVD set Real Man Conference 2010

Professional TV-camera’s recorded the RMC 2010. With this DVD set that lasts 13,5 hours you experience it yourself. Order now! Thus, you have at your disposal all information to transform yourself into the man women want.


The DVD set is a box containing 6 discs. These are the contents:

Disc 1

1. David Kipping Introduction RMC 25 min
2. Keychain Rapid Escalation 57 min
3. Andy and Yad The Natural Daygame Model 57 min
Disc 2

1. Orlando Owen How to be the Sensual Lover Every Woman Craves 63 min
2. Dharam Natural Confidence 47 min
3. Dharam From Friend To Girlfriend 32 min
Disc 3

1. Paul Janka The Proper Roles For Men In The 21st Century 86 min
2. Craig The Direct Seduction Lifestyle 59 min
Disc 4

1. HeartDoc Qualification 2.0: Screening For Your Standards 57 min
2. Scot McKay How To Ignite Femininity 74 min
Disc 5

1. Marcus How To Talk To Anybody Without Fear Of Rejection 46 min
2. Asian Playboy I Suck With Women... And How You Can Too! 87 min
Disc 6

1. Stefan Strecker Authenticity, Tap Into The Resource Of Your Own Truth 93 min
2. Several Speakers Questions, Last Words 19 min

All presentations are in easy English. Unlike the RMC 2008 version this DVD set contains no subtitles.

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